Medical Coding Training Course

CPC Exam Training Course

• 150 Multiple Choice Questions (Proctored)
• 5 Hours And 40 Minutes To Finish The Exam
• Open Code Book (Manuals)

The CPC examination consists of questions regarding the correct application of CPT, HCPCS Level II procedure and supply codes and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes used for coding and billing professional medical services to insurance companies. Examinee’s must also demonstrate knowledge on proper modifier use, coding guidelines and regulatory rules.

Structure of the Course:

Component One

Introduction to the Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy (Integument System, Musculoskeletal system, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Blood & Lymphatic system, Genitourinary and Nervous system)

Component Two

ICD-10-CM General Guidelines, Chapter Specific 1 & 2. CPT Series 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000, 60000

Component Three

Anesthesia, Modifiers, HCPCS, Radiology, LAB studies and Medicine. E & M and Overall Brush up. Mock Exams and Review as a preparation for CPC exam.

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