Students are introduced to English grammar by making them to start with simple sentences to frame with parts of speech. Students are asked to interact with each other and share the sentences. In the English conversation/listening, they will learn the simple conversation topics such as greetings. The simple present, present continuous and simple past verb tenses are learned and practiced. They are also introduced to nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. The main aim is to allow students to engage in conversation naturally. According to each level (Intermediate: Students are introduced to more complicated uses of the past, present and future verb tenses, including the present progressive and past perfect, covering reflexive pronouns, comparatives, gerunds and infinitives. In the conversation/listening, the student is familiarized with these grammatical structures by having them practice in situational conversations. Advanced: Students continue to learn more complex grammatical structures so that they may connect and develop idea clearly and concisely. Readings and discussions are introduced with more frequency, assisting the student in becoming a fluent English speaker. To develop students’ ability to express ideas, writing assignments are given. ) the students are practiced respectively.

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