SAT Subjects Preparation in Al Ain

SAT II Subjects is a standardized test to get admissions into colleges and
universities in many countries. Especially into Medical and Engineering institutions in USA, India, Singapore and other Asian countries.
The SAT subject test is administered 5 times in a year for international students. Each SAT subject takes one hour to finish the test. Scores on the SAT subject range from 200 to 800. The testing company is
List of SAT subject Tests:


Math Level 1
• Algebra and Geometry Skills.
Math Level 2
• Functions, Trigonometry, Algebra, and Geometry.


• Biology E/M
• Chemistry
• Physics


• Literature test


• U.S. History
• World History


Nine languages

• Spanish
• Spanish with Listening
• French
• French with Listening
• Chinese with Listening
• Italian
• German
• German with Listening
• Modern Hebrew
• Latin
• Japanese with Listening
• Korean with Listening

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